Onegai Teacher.

All high school students fantasize about a young and beautiful teacher, but Kei Kusanagi came to the point that clearly presented as their new “cool” on behalf of Mizuho Kaji night before came down from heaven in a spacecraft and pull it out of the lake, where the unfortunate fall by surprise.

Since Kay born man painful and just that - loses consciousness, then, without artificial respiration, clear the matter, it was not … And the most interesting - all of it was true!

Mizuho-sensei, of course, good and beautiful, and the half-dugout, but the position still - secret agent of the Galactic Federation and, above all, must keep professional secrets. But how to take control of a reliable young Japanese guy? And just - marrying him, the more that Kay, a student of the first class of high school, was suddenly … adult. Only here, although according to the law, how to explain the situation to numerous students, friends and neighbors who are not aware of the difficult circumstances of each of the “married”? But Kay, little getting used to a new role, firmly I realized one thing - love will overcome all obstacles, even the phenomenon of galactic mother in law!

Onegai Teacher...


Знаете, что бывают знакомства проститутки из порно? Если нет, то вы пропускаете многие приятные моменты из жизни, такие как: анал, минет, секс, эротика, порево и интим услуги. Разве вы не хотели трахнуть бабу из порнухи? Индивидуалки и бляди не помогут в такой ситуации, ибо путаны - поношенные женщины. Но попробовав виагру, вы точно захотите секса как из аниме или из хентай мультфильмов для взрослых.