Dantalian no Shoka.

In an alternative Britain after the Second World War, the young aristocrat Hugh Anthony Disvard received from his grandfather family estate with a huge library.

Among relatives grandfather was reputed original and almost magician, but why give up such riches? However, in the will it was a precondition - the heir had to take some “secret archives Dantalian.” Arriving in a new home, Hugh, by the way, not effeminate cit, and a former military pilot, vigorously embarked on the inventory and in the basement littered with books, found the dark-haired girl. Dalian how to present new friend turned out to be a real expert, bibliophile, sharp-tongued special and desperate sweet tooth!

So what do the two young men in an old house in the middle of wasteland? Of course, embark on adventures, proved stubborn girl that her companion worthy to become the new Guardian “Mysterious library Dantalian”, representative of which Dalian is. In the library are kept secret demonic volume, one touch which can change reality. Such force people searched and will always seek, but it is rarely good, because, as a rule, the desire seekers come from the dark depths of the soul. Now the task of Hugh and Dalian - collection of forbidden books purchased uninitiated accident, stolen or simply “forgot to return.” Work hard, harmful to health, but also because the competitors are!

Dantalian no Shoka...


Знаете, что бывают знакомства проститутки из порно? Если нет, то вы пропускаете многие приятные моменты из жизни, такие как: анал, минет, секс, эротика, порево и интим услуги. Разве вы не хотели трахнуть бабу из порнухи? Индивидуалки и бляди не помогут в такой ситуации, ибо путаны - поношенные женщины. Но попробовав виагру, вы точно захотите секса как из аниме или из хентай мультфильмов для взрослых.